Seminar on Nordic Best Practises against Trafficking in Human Beings

Torstai 18.11.2021 klo 9.00 – 19.30

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The Seminar on the Nordic Best Practices against Trafficking in Human Beings will be organized as a part of the Finnish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Helsinki on November 18th 2021.

Aika: 18.11.2021 9.00-19.30

Paikka: online (live stream) and Helsinki

The seminar brings together the Nordic authorities and actors of the civil society working against trafficking in human beings to share their expertise on practical work against trafficking in human beings. The aim is to exchange best practices and learn from each other. The goal is that the information and expertise shared at the seminar supports the participants in their work on prevention of trafficking in human beings in the Nordics. 

Around 80 participants with expertise on prevention and combatting of trafficking in human beings have been invited to attend the seminar in Helsinki. 

Registered online participants can follow the live-stream of the seminar and access the video recording of the seminar until December 18th 2021. Link to follow online will be sent by email to registered participants.

Registration is open to all until November 15th 2021. 

Further information:
Seminar on Nordic Best Practices against Trafficking in Human Beings

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