Government proposes to allow family reunification of minors granted international protection without proof of sufficient financial resources

Publication date 27.6.2022 9.30 | Published in English on 7.7.2022 at 10.20
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The Government’s proposal to amend the Aliens Act would enable minors who have been granted international protection to live with their parents. When a family member of a minor who has been granted international protection applies for family reunification, the family member may be granted a residence permit without the minor sponsor having to provide proof of sufficient financial resources.

The proposed amendment to the Aliens Act aims to promote the interests of the child and the protection of family life. Already, the requirement of sufficient financial resources can be adjusted in family reunification cases if exceptional reasons or the interest of the child so require. The legislative proposal also specifies the definition of minor. In future, the status of being a minor would be determined according to the date on which the family member’s residence permit application was submitted, and no longer the date on which the application was decided. 

The proposed amendments are based on the Government Programme, where the Government pledged to investigate problems related to family reunification. 

The Government presented to Parliament its proposal for amendments to the Aliens Act on 16 June 2022. The amendments are scheduled to enter into force as soon as possible.  

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