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Checklist for drawing up the municipal integration programme

The checklist below supports municipalities in the planning and implementation of the integration programme and helps in the drawing up of a document describing it. The list has been prepared at a general level. The integration programme and its preparation are influenced by many regional and local factors, and not all of the considerations on the list may be applicable to all situations.

A municipality must have an integration programme and a document describing it on 1 January 2025 to be eligible for compensation in accordance with the Integration Act. 

Please note that the municipality will continue to have an obligation to plan, develop and monitor integration. In accordance with the new Integration Act of 1 January 2025, the municipality has an obligation to carry out strategic planning for the promotion of integration that extends beyond the integration programme and concerns all municipal residents. The task is provided for in section 45 of the act. The difference between an integration programme under the reformed act and an integration programme under the current act, as well as the purpose of the former, is explained more extensively on the integration programme page.

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