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The Koto-digi customer information system

The Koto-digi project of the KEHA Centre develops national information system services for integration, which can be introduced in municipalities from 1 January 2025. The purpose of the information system services is to support the client work in immigrant integration in municipalities, improve the exchange of information between operators supporting integration, and produce information for the information management of integration at the municipal, regional and national level.

The Koto-digi customer information system is used in municipal integration services. The customer information system especially supports the reception of people in international protection and their referral to services. 

The data structure of the Koto-digi system will be made uniform with the TE Services' information system in order to make data disclosures more efficient and to simplify the information management of integration. In addition, opportunities for utilising different data resources, interfaces and extensions will be developed in the system in the municipalities.

Provisions on the use of Koto-digi system services are laid down in the new Integration Act. The obligation to use imposed on municipalities will enter into force after the transition period on 1 January 2027. The KEHA Centre is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the information system. The use of the system is free of charge for municipalities.

The system development project will be implemented as part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment's Action Plan for Refugees' Directing and Integration to Municipalities, funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

Additional information:

Project manager: Antti Kanniainen, p. 0295 029 026, [email protected]
Integration Development Specialist: Miia Koivu, p. 0295 021 169, [email protected] 
Integration Development Specialist: Anna-Mari Väänänen, p. 0295 038 068, [email protected]
Information management: x
Product owner: Tero Tuovinen, p. 0295 020 204, [email protected]
Project manager: Mirjami Kuoppala, p. 050 350 8594, [email protected]
IT-architect: Miina Koskinen, 0295 022 068, [email protected]
Communications: Viivi Heikura, p. 0295 020 076, [email protected]
Legislation: Taisto Aaltonen, p. 0295 047 244, [email protected]

Futher information for municipalities: national information system services for integration (in Finnish)

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