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Form template of an integration plan for a minor

The municipality draws up an integration plan with a minor if circumstances specific to the minor in question so require. This plan can be prepared in connection with an integration plan for the family. The municipality and the wellbeing services county will always draw up together an integration plan for an unaccompanied minor who has been issued a residence permit.

When the authorities plan the integration of a child together with the guardian or representative and the child, special attention should be paid to the best interests of the child and the child’s development. In evaluating the need for a plan and preparing it, the municipality must establish and take into consideration the wishes and opinions of the minor. The guardian or representative of a minor exercises the right of the minor to be heard in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. 

The municipality should adapt the integration plan for a minor to other plans supporting the child’s development, education and welfare (for example, an early childhood education and care plan, a personal learning plan or a child welfare plan).

The attached form template can be used in preparing an integration plan for a minor or an unaccompanied minor.

Form template: integration plan for a minor (to be filled in)

Save the form before filling in.

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