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Good practices have been found workable

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has worked to develop the recognition, introduction and mainstreaming of good practices promoting immigrant integration. The Nordic Welfare Centre collects good integration practices from different Nordic countries.

A good practice may be a new operating model or material that has been found effective in practice. A good practice may also be associated with improving an individual service, building a more customer-responsive service chain, organisation-wide structural changes or changes in the operating culture.

How can you recognise a good practice promoting immigrant integration?

  • Goal-oriented: it reduces inequality between population groups and improves the wellbeing and inclusion of newcomers in society.
  • Customer-responsive: it starts from the needs and circumstances of integrating immigrants.
  • Context-sensitive: it also takes challenging conditions into account.
  • High-impact: it produces better results than before from the customer’s perspective.
  • Capable of being modelled: it contains clearly defined essential elements and processes that help to achieve a goal that is desirable for the customer.
  • Can be generalised: the practice has the same effects when introduced in other similar operating environments.

Projects promoting immigrant integration

Development projects related to asylum seekers, immigrants, integration, reception of refugees and cultural diversity are carried out in all parts of Finland. Some of the projects are at national level while others are local-level initiatives.

Projects promoting immigrant integration, health, wellbeing and inclusion are listed on the website where parties planning or implementing projects can find ideas and information to support their work. Most of the compilation work has been carried out by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Responsibility for the content of the sub-project was transferred to the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration on 17 September 2019. 

The project material is not currently updated.

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