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The Finnish Immigration Service provides services related to residence in Finland and Finnish citizenship

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) is responsible for the granting of residence permits, residence rights and citizenships to people who immigrate to Finland. The Finnish Immigration Service offers services online, by telephone and at service points. 

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for managing, planning and monitoring the operations of reception centres. Reception centres organise services related to the reception of asylum seekers, such as health care and social services. 

The Finnish Immigration Service may also issue travel documents to persons who are not Finnish citizens. The alien's passport and refugee travel document issued by the Finnish Immigration Service are not official identity documents, but they enable travel.  

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for:

  • residence permits for people arriving in Finland
  • registration of the right of residence of EU citizens
  • granting and revoking Finnish citizenship
  • Processing of asylum applications and decisions on these
  • Guidance, planning and monitoring of the practical operations of reception centres for asylum seekers
  • Assistance system for victims of human trafficking
  • Selection of quota refugees
  • Alien passports and refugee travel documents
  • Refusal of entry and deportation of persons residing in Finland
  • Termination and withdrawal of refugee and subsidiary protection status

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