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About the service

The new version of the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration’s online service was deployed in September 2021.

Service content

The website’s address is ( in Finnish). The web editorial staff of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration is responsible for the website. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish, and a limited version is available in English.

Information on current news, events and blogposts is posted on the homepage. In addition, key themes and topics are highlighted on the homepage.

The Current issues section includes news, newsletters, blogposts and events as well as highlighted content from key themes and topics.

The Integration and refugee reception comprises general information on immigrant integration and the reception of refugees, on legislation related to integration, and on the actors in the field.

The Services section includes information on national and international immigrant integration services as well as services and tools that support integration work.

The Statistics and publications sections has statistics and research information on immigration, the reception of refugees and integration. Integration databases and publications from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Em-ployment and the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration can also be found in this section.

The Contact information includes the contact details of the Centre of Expertise as well as information on the Centre of Expertise, the website and the Centre’s social media channels.

In addition, each page includes a link to the search function, the contact infor-mation section, the feedback form, and the site map.


RSS services

The website provides news as RSS feeds.


Searches are targeted at all the content on the website by default. The quick search function searches for all the entered search terms according to the language setting of the website. The search results are sorted according to the documents’ publication dates.


The feedback form can be used to send feedback and questions on the website.

The form can be accessed from each page via the feedback link in the footer section. Send all official communications to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s registry to [email protected], and messages on the Centre of Expertise to [email protected]

Third-party services

The website includes links and connections to third-party websites and social media add-ons. The website does not transmit data on its users via the social media add-ons. The terms of use and other terms and conditions of the third-party services linked or connected to the website are applied to the third-party services.

Web browsers and terminal devices

The website is responsive, and its content is scaled to fit the user’s device. Some functions may not work properly on older browser versions.

Downloading files and required software

The website includes files that require separate software to access their con-tent, such as Microsoft Office programmes. Live online streams or video recordings can also be embedded on the website that are provided as a stream-ing service from a separate server in the format supported by the user’s device.

Terms of use

By using the website, you accept its Terms of Use as they are.

Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights to the texts and images on the website are owned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment or another author stated in connection to the material.

The use and linking to the text content of the website is allowed according to good practices as long as the source of the material is stated. A separate agreement with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration is always required for the commercial use of the website’s content.

Images and rights of use

The rights of use for the images in the online service are owned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
Processing of personal data and data protection

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of the website’s visitors in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1050/2018) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regu-lation.  For more information on data processing by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, please visit 

We collect statistical data on the website’s use, which is be used to improve the online services. The collected data cannot be used to identify users. The collected data includes:

  • pages viewed
  • time
  • website address (IP)
  • web browser and operating system.

Legal notice

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the web-site. The accuracy and timeliness of the information has been assured to the extent possible. The Ministry is not responsible for any expenses or losses caused to the user by possible errors in the content. The Ministry is also not responsible for any harm caused by technical disturbances or material linked on the website published by a third party.

Linked pages are subject to their respective terms of use. The Ministry is not responsible for keeping the third-party websites up to date, their publications, or the accuracy of the information contained on them.

The Ministry cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages sent in an open information network. Users should avoid sending confidential information via e-mail.
None of the material on the website should be regarded as an offer, request or commitment binding the Ministry.

The Ministry retains the right to update, review and change the Terms of Use, the content on the website and the layout of the website. The Ministry has the right to take the website offline at any time for the performance of mainte-nance, repairs, or updates, for example.

The user commits to fully compensating any damage caused by their non-compliance with these Terms of Use.

If some part of these Terms of Use is deemed to not comply with compelling legislation or as otherwise invalid, this has no effect on the validity of the other provisions of these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Finland, without regard to conflict of law principles.

For more information, please contact the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration.