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The integration plan is a personalised plan

The integration plan supports immigrants’ access to society as equal members, especially in the early stage of integration. It is a personalised plan to support integration. The immigrant prepares it in cooperation with the local-level authorities (municipality and/or the TE Office).

A wellbeing services county may, at the request of the municipality or the TE Office, participate in the initial assessment and creating an integration plan if promoting the integration of the immigrant requires the coordination of services that fall under the purview of different authorities. However, the responsibility for preparing an integration plan rests with the municipality or the TE Office.

Services and measures that will support the immigrants in learning Finnish or Swedish and help them acquire other knowledge and skills needed in society and the labour market are laid out in the integration plan.

However, immigrants do not have a subjective right to the measures or services laid out in the plan, unless this right is based on legislation other than the Integration Act. 

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