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Statistics, monitoring and publications support the development of immigration processes

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration compiles statistics related to the promotion of integration, develops the monitoring of integration, immigration and refugee reception and produces publications. Statistics and research help gather information on immigration that is used in developing immigration processes and as support to immigration policies.

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Integration database The integration database is an open statistics database based on register that provides comprehensive information on the immigrant population in Finland.
Integration Indicators database The Integration Indicators database is used to monitor the state and development of integration in Finland.
Employment bulletin The employment bulletin examines the change in the number of unemployed jobseekers and participation in services.
Overall review of immigrant integration The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment publishes an overview of immigrant integration every four years as part of the integration monitoring system.
Publications The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration orders and implements reports and studies on immigration, integration and reception of refugees.
Policy Brief Policy Brief is a series of articles that presents researched perspectives related to immigrant integration and current societal topics.