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Unemployment and social benefits during integration

Unemployment benefit or social assistance may be paid to the immigrant for the duration of the integration plan. The right to unemployment benefit is determined as provided in the Unemployment Security Act and the right to social assistance as provided in the Social Assistance Act. The immigrant applies to Kela for both the labour market subsidy and social assistance.

The immigrant must regularly attend the education included in the integration plan and the other services agreed on in the plan. For example, if the immigrant refuses to take part in drawing up the integration plan or to participate in the service agreed on in the integration plan, the person's right to unemployment benefit may be restricted as provided in the Employment Security Act or the social assistance may be curtailed as provided in the Social Assistance Act. 

To receive a labour market subsidy, the immigrant must register as a jobseeker at TE Services and be unemployed. Receiving unemployment benefit may also require participation in the services offered by the TE Services to promote employment and integration.

An immigrant may receive social assistance from Kela if they are in need of support and not able to earn an income, for example, by working or with other income or benefits. The entitlement to social assistance is determined according to the Act on Social Assistance.

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