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Obligation to draw up an integration plan

The authorities’ obligations

The authorities responsible for drawing up must provide the immigrant with information about the rights and obligations arising from the plan and the measures connected with it. They must do it in writing and, if the immigrant so wishes, also orally. The authorities must make sure that the immigrant understands the content of the information.

The authority that drew up the integration plan must actively offer the measures and services included in the integration plan to the extent they have appropriations available for them.

The municipality and/or the TE Office/municipality in the pilot area is responsible for drawing up the plan.

The immigrant’s obligations

The immigrant must adhere to their integration plan. They regularly attend a Finnish or Swedish course provided as part of the immigration plan and participate in other measures and services agreed as part of the plan on a regular basis.

If the immigrant refuses to take part in the drawing up or review of the integration plan or refuses to participate in measures specifically drawn up for them as part of the integration plan and has no valid reasons for their refusal, their right to unemployment benefits may be restricted, as provided in the Unemployment Security Act or their social assistance may be curtailed as provided in the Act on Social Assistance.

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