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Urgent resettlement, i.e. emergencies

In recent years, approximately 10 percent of the annual quota has been reserved for persons in need of urgent resettlement, i.e. for emergencies. They are quota refugees whose need for resettlement has been classified as urgent by the UNHCR due to the need for protection or for health reasons. They also need an urgent placement in a municipality in Finland.

Normally, refugees waiting for resettlement are interviewed before they come to Finland. Because urgent resettlement is needed in emergencies, the Finnish authorities choose these quota refugees without personal interviews, on the basis of documents provided by UNHCR.

If necessary, the Finnish Immigration Service may request the opinion of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service and further information from UNHCR or expert doctors as in the handling of other cases involving quota refugees.

The selection criteria and the process of arriving in Finland are otherwise the same in emergencies as for other resettled refugees.

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