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Koto-digi development work

The Koto-digi project is developing national integration data system services that support integration customer work in municipalities and improving the knowledge transfer between integration actors.

The development of the Koto-digi customer data system includes surveys and interviews on the needs and wishes of municipalities, welfare service counties, and ELY centres regarding the system under development. The system will be developed to meet the requirements of the renewed Integration Act (Laki kotoutumisen edistämisestä, 1386/2010), which will enter into force on 1 January 2025. 

The next information event on the progress of the project will be held for municipalities and stakeholders in September 2023. More information on the event will be provided separately. Workshops will also be held with municipalities during autumn 2023.

Reference architecture supports municipalities’ work to promote integration

A reference architecture for integration services in municipalities has been implemented to support the development of Koto-digi. The material contains descriptions that can be applied to promote the necessary changes in the overall architecture and information management model used by municipalities. 

The reference architecture describes the different service processes involved in integration and the interaction between actors and information systems. The reference architecture will be published on the Integration Partnership Platform in September 2023. 

Koto-digi is part of knowledge management development 

The Koto-digi project includes a knowledge management project to ensure that the national integration client data system will continue to provide systematic and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation data on integration and its promotion. The monitoring tools will be implemented on the KEHA-Centre’s Mylly platform and made available to municipalities and welfare service counties.

The integration customer data system to be developed in the Koto-digi project will be designed in such a way that it brings added value to the monitoring and evaluation of integration at the municipal, regional, and national levels.