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Practical tools for immigrant integration and the reception of refugees

The actors engaged in the promotion of immigrant integration and reception of refugees are a diverse group of professionals representing a variety of different sectors. A professional may meet an immigrant in a TE Office, in services provided by municipalities, in health care at the wellbeing services county or in education or training. 

If you have only recently started as a professional in immigrant integration or reception of refugees, online training and handbooks are a key source of support for your work. They are also useful for those who have worked in the sector for several years. There is also a wide range of different tools supporting integration work.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has prepared model forms to support the preparation of integration plans. The integration plan forms previously published on the website are now being updated and they will again be available as soon as the updated versions are ready. You can request the forms by email from the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration.

Updating of and the need for Kotomittari, which used to be available on the website is being examined. If it is decided to retain Kotomittari, it will be made accessible again in 2023 at the earliest.

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