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The objectives and principles of the partnership programme promote the realisation of an inclusive society

  1. Together we create new and inclusive operational culture

    We need to change our operational culture to strengthen the multi-professionalism and impact of the work related to integration and social inclusion. The creation of an inclusive operational culture requires transparent ways of working and encountering each other as equals. We will turn the partnership approach into a new norm and an impactful way of developing the work of integration and social inclusion.
  2. We are building a common vision for developing work that promotes integration and social inclusion

    The partnership programme supports dialogue between operators developing work that promotes integration and social inclusion. With our common vision, we will bring together different operators as well as varying levels of development work, research and practices. We identify the effective practices, produce new ways of working and aim to develop the needs-driven allocation of resources. 
  3. We support the partnerships in the day-to-day through actions, tools and methods

    The partnership programme functions as an open network at different levels, and its tools are available for all the operators. Integration operators may participate in the programme in accordance with their own needs: our activities make it possible to strengthen partnerships and create new ones, as well as to utilise the information produced together. The aim of the national coordination work is to reinforce the partnership programme as an inspiring tool that empowers the operators. The cooperation will result in operating models, knowledge and partnerships that will genuinely support the everyday work. 

We commit to the partnership principles in our operations

The principles of the partnership programme are openness, inclusion, knowledge and impactfulness. By committing to these principles, we can together create an inclusive operating culture. These principles also define the actions of the partnership programme: we together communicate about our operations openly, arrange inclusive activities, strengthen the knowledge base of the work and review the opportunities of impactful development work together.


We aim to create transparent operations which are based on multi-professional cooperation. Multi-professional cooperation requires open communication and exchange of information on all operational levels.

In the day-to-day, we communicate about our operations openly. We develop our communications so that the voices of all operators can be heard. We highlight our own work, professionalism and success as well as that of other operators. We are open about how the information is utilised in the development work.


We aim to improve the participants’ opportunities to engage even better in the development of integration and social inclusion. This requires providing information on the participation opportunities and removing possible barriers. 

In the day-to-day, we create partnerships in a multi-professional manner, since expertise is spread among people working in different fields. We actively ask whether everyone can participate in the operations and development work regardless of their resources.


We aim to promote integration in a knowledge-based manner. This requires a common vision on the information needs and the utilisation of information produced together and approaches to support the development work and decision-making. 

In the day-to-day, we co-produce up-to-date information and utilise the diverse information produced by the operators. We actively ask who has information on different subjects as well as identify and acknowledge the expertise of different operators.  


We aim to ensure that development work is carried out on the basis of the common vision and recognised needs. This requires the strengthening of multi-professional cooperation, dialogue creating the shared vision and needs-driven allocation of resources. 

In the day-to-day, we engage in dialogue to create the shared vision. We operate in multi-professional partnership to utilise the strengths of different operators. We identify challenges and solutions to develop operating methods that promote integration and increase impactfulness. We develop the needs-driven allocation of resources and search for functional methods to share the effective models.