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Form template of a personal integration plan 

The objective of an integration plan is, together with the client, to plan and agree on measures for them to acquire a sufficient command of Finnish or Swedish and other skills required in working life and in society in general. 

The municipality (municipal employment services in municipalities participating in local government pilots) and the TE Office prepare an integration plan together with the client. For a justified reason, an integration plan may be drawn up by the TE Office or by the municipality alone. 

From the beginning of 2023, a wellbeing services county may, at the request of the municipality or the TE Office, participate in the initial assessment and creating an integration plan if promoting the integration of the immigrant requires the coordination of services that fall under the purview of different authorities. However, the responsibility for preparing an integration plan rests with the municipality or the TE Office.

The task of TE Services is to come to an agreement with the immigrant on training, job search and related goals, and on measures and services supporting job search and promoting access to employment. The municipality, in turn, agrees with the immigrant on the municipal services or other measures promoting integration and access to employment if the immigrant is unable to take part in labour market measures supporting integration.

TE Services use the URA system’s integration plan form. 
Municipalities can use the attached form template of an integration plan.  

Form template: integration plan (to be filled in)

Save the form before filling in.

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