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Information on integration services for operators

Immigrant integration can be supported by providing necessary services for the immigrant. These services are often organised as part of municipalities’ and wellbeing services counties' public services or employment and economic services. Organisations provide versatile low-threshold activities to help with integration.

Clear and plain language should be paid attention to, as well as the multilingual and multichannel distribution of information when providing the services. Integration services are also available in Swedish. 

The Services section is being updated.

Customer service situation with a woman and a man

Services by authorities The promotion of integration is cooperation between different authorities. The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration lays down an obligation to participate in multi-sectoral cooperation.
Services by municipalities Municipalities promote integration as part of basic public services. Immigrants need services for upbringing, education and social welfare and healthcare the same as other residents.
Services by organisations Organisations play a significant role in promoting integration from the early-stage housing tasks to language clubs and different hobbies.
Education This section contains information on integration training, labour policy education, self-motivated education and learning Finnish and Swedish.
Health and social services This section contains brief information on the social welfare and healthcare services available to immigrants and refugees. You can find more information on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.
Digital and online services There are many multilingual online and digital services for both immigrants and integration operators in Finland.
Language and customers Focusing on face-to-face customer service, clear writing and plain language are central for promoting integration. The section also contains information on Swedish integration and interpretation services.
Integration in Swedish The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration gives immigrants the right to choose Swedish or Finnish as their primary integration language.
Multilingual materials The Welcome to Finland guide and online service are the main multilingual materials for immigrants.