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Aliens Act lays down provisions on residence permits

The purpose of the Aliens Act is to implement and promote good governance and legal protection in aliens matters. The act also aims at promoting controlled immigration and the provision of international protection, whilst respecting fundamental and human rights and complying with the international conventions binding on Finland.

The act is applied to alien immigration, departure from a country as well as residence and employment in Finland.

The provisions of the Aliens Act that are important for the scope of application of the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration, as well as its application, are the sections on different residence permits and their validity, as well as provisions on residency concerning EU citizens.

Even though the residence permit’s status is insignificant for the act’s scope of application, the content of the services and measures that promote immigrant immigration may differ depending on the nature and duration of residing in a country. The need for support in integration is always assessed based on the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration.

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