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Municipality planning to host refugees provides them with the necessary services

Once the refugees have received a residence permit and moved to the municipality, they are local residents and entitled to the same services as other residents. The municipality and wellbeing services county must ensure that the services they provide are also suitable for refugees. 

Refugees have been forced to flee persecution and conflict. In addition to services that support integration, many of them will need help in areas such as managing trauma. However, refugees are a diverse group: they arrive in Finland from various circumstances and have varying support needs and skills. 

Co-operation helps refugees to access services

Municipalities must review the individual service needs of everyone who arrives in the municipality as a refugee. It is important for professionals encountering refugees to know the processes and background factors related to immigration and refugees, in order to refer them to services and activities that meet their needs. Municipalities must ensure that their staff are competent in matters concerning refugees and integration.

Co-operation between authorities as part of refugee hosting reduces the overlapping management of cases and clarifies the roles of operators. A multidisciplinary team or operating model can take a holistic view of the customer's circumstances. Data transfer with the client's permission enables smooth communication between the sectors and when employees change. 

The initial reception of quota refugees and other internationally protected persons is the responsibility of municipality. Key partners include wellbeing services county healthcare and other social services, schools, day care, youth services, sports services and labour administration. In addition, interpreters, peer support workers and third-sector organisations offering diverse low-threshold activities are important collaboration partners. It is therefore important for the municipality to be familiar with the activities of the organisations in the region.

The municipality should also plan and monitor the hosting in multidisciplinary co-operation as, for example, part of the municipality's integration programme. 

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