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Integration and reception of refugees

Integration is an individual process for an immigrant that takes place in interaction with society and, during which, the immigrant’s participation, equality and non-discrimination in society increase. Successful integration requires an active immigrant, a receptive society and the development of receptiveness as cooperation between authorities and other operators.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the general development, planning, guidance and anticipation related to the policies and legislation promoting immigrant integration, as well as integration services.

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Priority areas in the promotion of integration Programmes promoting integration, multi-sectoral cooperation and partnerships of different operators relate to the legislation that guides the promotion of integration.
Legislation Several acts guide integration. Remember to also acknowledge service-specific legislation.
Partnership programme The integration partnership programme supports the effectiveness of the work promoting integration and social inclusion by bringing together operators and increasing multi-professional and diverse cooperation.
Children, young people and families Integration work with children, young people and families involves a family orientation, support for the integration of children and young people, representation of minors, aftercare and uniting families.
Employment and work-related immigration Receptiveness in the world of work influences the employment opportunities of immigrants. The immigration of talents strengthens and internationalises business and innovation in Finland.
Services This section contains information on multilingual services that promote integration, Swedish integration and customer support.
Refugees and people under international protection This section contains information on the arrival of quota refugees and asylum seekers in Finland and reception to municipalities.
Reception of refugees Assigning municipalities of residence and planning services are key activities of municipalities when receiving refugees.
State compensation for municipalities Municipalities can receive compensation for costs arising from the reception of refugees. Compensation covers interpretation services, special costs in social welfare and healthcare and imputed compensation.
Actors and duties Multi-sectoral cooperation in promoting integration makes the work more effective. There are local, regional and national actors who promote integration.
Tools for actors This section contains the online training and manuals, as well as information on preventing harmful practices. The section will later include the updated integration plan forms.
Regional cooperation This section contains municipal integration programmes, as well as some information on regional integration work.