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Immigrants in the labour market

Employers may arrange services to help their employees settle in and integrate in Finland. Employers offer different kinds of services that support settlement and such services can also be purchased.

Settling-in and integration involve:

  • learning the language
  • arranging housing
  • obtaining a tax card
  • residence permit and registration matters
  • opening a bank account
  • obtaining a Kela card
  • job orientation
  • reception at work
  • settling-in and integration of family members.

A spouse of a person moving to Finland for work may receive support for settling-in, integration, employment and language studies, for example. The municipality, TE Office or organisations may be able to help.

Employers can assess their ability to manage a diverse workplace and receive tips to support integration with the Talent Boost Index. 

Language learning supports settling-in

There are many ways to study Finnish and Swedish. One way is to organise language training at work that will include job-related terminology. 

Language training in Finnish or Swedish, which is tailored to the company, provides the employees with a foreign background the opportunity to succeed in their work in Finnish or Swedish. Finnish and Swedish can also be studied independently with the help of courses available on, for example.

Training improves interaction in international work communities

The well-functioning and diverse work community training is intended for companies that employ people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Training can improve interaction and communication in the international work community, support the orientation of employees with foreign backgrounds, help with the settling-in of a new employee at work and provide new tools for the management of diversity.

The working life diversity programme aims to increase the diversity skills of employers and those working in job search services.

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