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The website is intended for anyone who, in the course of their work, is involved with immigrants or is engaged in immigrant integration and refugee reception.  The website is maintained by the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

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Current Issues

Growth in working age population will depend on immigration in coming years
22.5.2024 | News item
Net migration will remain high in the coming years, according to the latest short-term Labour Market Forecast. This is reflected in the number of unemployed jobseekers. Since the growth in the number of people of working age largely depends on immigration, the number of unemployed foreign jobseekers is expected to continue to grow.
Number of first integration plans reaches a new high
24.4.2024 | News item
In the first quarter of 2024, more than 5,400 first integration plans were drawn up, which is a record since the measurement began. The employment rate of foreigners has continued to fall due to the downturn. The employment rate of foreigners is more cyclically sensitive than that of Finnish citizens.
The open call for exhibition stands for the Integration 2024 event is underway
22.4.2024 | News item
Do you or your organization have a good practice of integration or reception of refugees to share with others? Do you want to tell potential partners about your integration-promoting activities? Participate in the Integration 2024 event as an exhibitor. Integration 2024 will take place on 14–15 November 2024 in Turku.
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Integration Partnership Programme

The Integration Partnership Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment brings together those working in the field of integration and increases multisectoral cooperation. The aim is to make integration work more effective and to increase the receptiveness of society. 

”In the partnership programme, we build unconventional and multisectoral cooperation. We change the way we do integration work, in partnership. Come along!”

Varpu Taarna, Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Get to know the Partnership Programme

Varpu Taarna

The reform of Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration is proposed to be repealed by the new act. The new Act is intended to enter into force in 2025, simultaneously with the reform of TE services.
The Koto-digi customer information system The Koto-digi project of the KEHA Centre develops national information system services for integration, which can be introduced in municipalities from 1 January 2025.
Integration Partnership Programme. The aim of the partnership programme is to discover, identify and support cooperation opportunities that promote integration work.
Integration Indicators database. The Integration Indicators database is used to monitor the state and development of integration in Finland.
Integration database The Integration database is an open statistics database based on register that provides comprehensive information on the immigrant population in Finland.
Partnership Platform The Partnership Platform is an interactive, digital and collaborative workspace for the operators, experts, stakeholders and networks working in the fields of immigrant integration, immigration and the reception of refugees.
Information on the situation of those fleeing from Ukraine Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration compiles information on the situation of those fleeing from Ukraine and produces current information (FAQ) on residence, temporary protection, work and services for people arriving in Finland from Ukraine.
Learn about integration! Online training is meant especially for those starting to work with integration issues. The training provides comprehensive basic information on integration and reception of refugees. Training is in Finnish and Swedish only.
Competent representative The Competent Representative online training provides basic information about the duties of representatives and other matters and legislation related to children arriving in Finland without a guardian. The training is in Finnish only.