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At Home in Finland product cards

Hundreds of training and other events on integration and immigration were arranged as part of the At Home in Finland project between 2015 and 2020. The product cards describe the concepts of events that have been found particularly suitable and used several times in different parts of Finland. The purpose of the product cards is to facilitate the organisation of the events described in them in the future.

Good ethnic relations

The purpose of the Hyvät väestösuhteet (Good ethnic relations) training package is to increase awareness of ethnic relations and understanding of their impact on integration. 

Project mill

The goal of hankemylly (Project mill) is to share information on the results of regional projects and the services they provide, and to support the development of new project ideas and the identification of partners. 

Basic training in immigration and integration work

The training package provides basic information on integration and immigration for experts who meet immigrants in their work and work in different organisations. 

Regional view

In aluekatsomo (regional view), integration experts come together to watch a training event sent through remote connections. 

Regional network meeting on immigration work

The purpose of alueellinen maahanmuuttotyön verkostokokous (regional network meeting on integration work) is to raise awareness among actors of each other’s work and current issues in the region and to support networking.