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Plain language is easy to use

Plain language is suitable for those who find the standard Finnish language too difficult to use. Plain language uses easy words and sentence structures both in writing and speaking. Plain language increases the accessibility of services: a service that is easy-to-use and to the point is often accessible.

In the early stages of integration, plain language supports the understanding of official communications and language learning. Some people may only need plain language temporarily. However, foreign-language speakers who have lived in Finland for a long time may also benefit from plain language. It is estimated that approximately 10% of Finnish residents need plain language. The need for plain language has grown in recent years, and immigrants form a growing group of people who need plain language.

More plain language materials are being produced. They are a good tool especially in the early stages of language learning, when Finnish language skills are not yet sufficient for following Finnish media or understanding official communications.

More information is being published in plain language

In recent years, more information has been published in plain language. Several authorities, such as Kela and the Tax Administration, have added plain language content to their websites. The authorities and other organisations have also published plain language material in print. These materials can be viewed on the Selkokeskus website.

Daily news is available to listen to in plain language through the Yle News Plain Finnish broadcast. to read on the plain news website. The website also has a Really Easy section with news that is right for the early stages of language learning.

Selkosanomat is a plain-language newspaper published every other week in print and online. It includes news from Finland and abroad, sports and entertainment and analysis of current affairs.

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