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The partnership programme is leading us towards an inclusive society

The sense of inclusion and skills required in society always develop through participation in different communities and different encounters. The promotion of integration and social inclusion requires involvement and contributions from all parties: communities, organisations, authorities, companies and municipalities. This work will make an impact when we all participate. 

The integration partnership programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supports the effectiveness of the work promoting integration and social inclusion by bringing together operators and increasing multi-professional and diverse cooperation. The operations of the partnership programme are based on open dialogue which challenges existing ways of thinking, produces up-to-date information, shares successful practices and further develops the operations. The partnership programme creates shared forums which enable open discussions and combines the latest knowledge with the practical know-how of professionals.

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The partnership programme builds a national, open network of operators involved in the work related to the integration and social inclusion. In 2021, we will also start to establish regional partnership networks. By registering your organisation participate in the partnership programme, you will receive current information about the programme and its partners, cooperation opportunities and materials supporting the work. The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment coordinates the national operations of the partnership programme.

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The development of the partnership programme continues

In the future, a two-year action plan will outline the operations of the partnership programme. The content of the action plan for 2021–2022 has been designed together with the integration operators. You can read the draft action plan and give feedback on it using the form below.

Draft: action plan (in Finnish, will be published in English soon)

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With this form, you can give feedback on the action plan of the partnership programme.

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