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Initial interview form 

The municipality or TE Office carries out an initial assessment in cooperation with the immigrant and, if necessary, with the wellbeing services county. An initial assessment will be carried out for unemployed jobseekers, recipients of social assistance and those who request an initial assessment, if they are deemed to need it. 

The purpose of the initial assessment is to assess the immigrant’s capabilities for employment, studies or other activities promoting integration, their existing skills, and their wishes and goals for integration. The need for language training and other measures and services promoting integration is also assessed. The initial assessment is also used to assess whether the immigrant needs an integration plan.

The initial assessment includes an initial interview and possible assessments of language skills or other competencies. The initial interview will demonstrate whether the client

  • needs a more detailed assessment of language skills or competencies 
  • needs an integration plan
  • will be directed to the labour market, education and/or other services promoting integration. 

The attached form template may be used as an aid in the initial interview. 

Form template: Initial interview (to be filled in)

Save the form before filling in.

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