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Immigrants may also start their studies on their own initiative

Independent study refers to studies to which a person has applied for admission on his or her own initiative. This can be, for example, vocational education and training or a general upper secondary school education, but it can also be organised by an adult education centre or the third sector. The requirements for admission to training and education are the same as for other applicants.

The municipality or TE Office may also instruct the immigrant to apply for independent study. Independent study can offer more versatile alternatives, and it meets the needs of immigrants in different life situations.

Education needs that promote integration can be met by ensuring the provision of sufficiently diverse independent study. This is particularly important when the person in need of education is an immigrant who is not in working life, such as a parent caring for his or her child at home, an older person or a person with an illness or disability, or whose work ability has deteriorated.