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Koto-digi-system and deployment

Koto-digi is an integration customer data system that supports integration customer work in municipalities, improves data transfer between different integration actors and produces data on integration at the municipal, regional, and national levels. 

The Koto-digi system is used in municipal integration services. The system’s primary users are the municipalities’ integration services. The system is accessed online through a personal user account that can be requested for employees. In accordance with the new Integration Act (Laki kotoutumisen edistämisestä 1386/2010), welfare service counties must also make use of the data held in the system to fulfil their tasks under the Act. 

The data made available through the Koto-digi system can be used to develop services for integration seekers in municipalities, welfare service counties, and ELY Centres. 

Deployment of the Koto-digi system will be possible in municipalities from 1 January 2025. The requirement for municipalities to use the system will enter into force from 1 January 2027. The KEHA-Centre and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will provide more information on the customer data system itself and its implementation from autumn 2023.

How should a municipality plan for the introduction of Koto-digi?

A wide range of different client data systems are currently used in municipal integration services. The Koto-digi system is intended to replace the existing systems with a common, nationwide data system solution for municipalities.

The KEHA-Centre is responsible for developing and maintaining the system. Municipalities will not be charged for using the Koto-digi system. 

Municipalities should, however, prepare for the costs of retrieving data from the existing system to be used in the new Koto-digi system. This may involve, for example, retrieving data from a database in the desired format and checking the compatibility of data fields. Central government will bear part of the costs of entering the data into the Koto-digi system during the implementation phase. 

Municipalities will be trained in the use of Koto-digi from early autumn 2024. The online training and testing environment is open to municipal employees and those of welfare service counties and ELY centres. Information on the application process for accessing the training environment will be communicated separately to the municipalities in September 2024. The training and test environment will be expanded as new functionalities are added to the system.

Municipal integration service employees will have access rights to the actual Koto-digi system from 1 January 2025. Welfare service county personnel can access the data in the Koto-digi system as necessary, for example, in relation to the preparation of a multidisciplinary integration plan. Reporting and monitoring data from the Koto-digi system will be produced to support knowledge management within the municipalities, welfare service counties, ELY Centres, the KEHA-Centre, and other arms of public administration.