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Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) is responsible for the basic security of people living in Finland in different life situations. Kela benefits can usually be obtained if you work or live in Finland on a permanent basis. 

Kela takes care of, for example, national pensions, unemployment security, benefits for families with children, rehabilitation and basic social assistance. Kela's subsidies can be applied for in the e-service, by telephone or at service and customer points. Kela assesses each applicant's right to support individually. 
Kela offers telephone services in Finnish, Swedish and English. Sámi speakers have a statutory right to receive service from Kela in their own language. If necessary, Kela will provide free interpretation if the customer does not know any of these languages. 

Kela has produced material in multiple languages and in plain language on using Kela services. Brochures and information leaflets have been published on Kela's website in Finnish, Swedish, English, Sámi and other languages as well as in plain Finnish and plain Swedish.

Kela's International Affairs Centre serves all customers moving to Finland or those moving abroad and in other international situations.

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