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Publication date 2.12.2020 9.56 | Published in English on 2.12.2020 at 10.09
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is preparing a partnership programme on the promotion of integration and the receptiveness of society. Different actors’ views on cooperation in promoting integration are examined in a survey conducted as part of the partnership programme.

The integration partnership programme supports the effectiveness of the work promoting integration and social inclusion by bringing together operators and increasing multi-professional and diverse cooperation. The operations of the partnership programme are based on the needs and views of the operators. Views on the development needs are collected through a partnership barometer carried out every two years.

Operators involved in work related to integration and social inclusion, such as the authorities, organisations, institutions, and religious operators, can participate in the partnership barometer. You can respond to the barometer by 31.12.2020. The survey is being conducted by Owal Group Oy.

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