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Publication date 17.2.2023 10.00
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This is the second time the Partnership programme on Immigrant Integration is carrying out this survey. The goal of the survey is to learn the views of various parties on the state of cooperation relating to integration and the receptiveness of society, the conditions and development needs for such cooperation, and on the activities of the Integration Partnership Programme.

We hope that the survey will be shared widely in the networks of parties working on integration. We hope to receive responses from public sector organisations, NGOs and companies. 

The results of the survey will be used to develop work on integration in general and the partnership programme in particular. The first survey was conducted in 2020.

The survey closes on 24 February 2023

Survey is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. You are able to answer the survey via the links below. Please answer the survey only once. 

Completing the survey will take around 10–15 minutes. You are free to skip any questions. The results will be reported in such a way that individual respondents cannot be identified.

The survey is part of Partnership Programme

The Integration Partnership Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment brings together those working in the field of integration and increases multisectoral cooperation.

The aim is to make work on integration more effective and to increase the receptiveness of society. The principles of the partnership programme’s activities are transparency, inclusiveness, a knowledge-based approach and effectiveness. The Integration Partnership Programme has national and regional activities. National activities are coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Regional activities are coordinated by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. 

It is not always possible to distinguish between work done to promote partnership between different parties from other work on integration carried out in a networked manner. This is why the goal of this survey is to gain a wider understanding of how different parties cooperate. This survey also includes questions about the partnership programme’s national and regional measures for respondents who have participated in these measures.

Further information:
Owal Group Oy is responsible for the technical implementation of the survey and for analysing the results. If you have any questions about the technical implementation of the survey, please contact:

Jenna Siltala
Owal Group Oy
[email protected]

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