Applications for the AMIF and ISF allocations will be accepted until the end of October

Publication date 8.10.2020 6.58 | Published in English on 22.10.2020 at 8.48
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The calls for applications for funding from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Internal Security Fund (ISF) have been opened. Allocations available for projects implementing the programmes under the funds amount to approximately EUR 12 million. In Finland, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the calls for applications. Applications will be accepted until 30 October 2020 at 16.15.

AMIF provides funds for integration work

Funding for return projects and projects related to the resettlement of quota refugees is available through AMIF. Basic allocations amounting to a total of approximately EUR 2 million are available for return-related projects. The allocations are divided as follows:

  • Measures accompanying return procedures: approximately EUR 1 million
  • Projects related to return measures: approximately EUR 400,000
  • Projects related to return cooperation: approximately EUR 350,000.

In addition, allocations for resettlement projects and activities are available under the Fund’s resettlement appropriations totalling approximately EUR 5 million. The allocations are divided as follows:

  • Developing administrative processes related to resettlement: approximately EUR 800,000 
  • Developing training to promote reception: approximately EUR 240,000
  • Improving the effectiveness of placement in municipalities and ensuring the availability of placements: approximately EUR 2.6 million
  • Promoting the integration of quota refugees: approximately EUR 1.1 million.

The ISF provides allocations for replacing and procuring border control equipment, for example.

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