ETNO publishes multilingual materials on municipal elections

Publication date 6.5.2021 16.00 | Published in English on 11.5.2021 at 11.37
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The Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations (ETNO) has published materials on the upcoming municipal elections in seven languages. The materials will be used to encourage multilingual municipal residents to participate in decision-making and vote in the municipal elections in June 2021.

ETNO’s materials are visual and they consist of PowerPoint presentations and infographics combining text and images. They are easy to use and share both on social media and in events and training. The materials are available in seven languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, Arabic and Somali. 

The materials focus on questions that ETNO has encountered in its work: For example, the materials answer questions about voting rights and their use, municipal elections, municipal duties and safe voting during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

The materials are intended for multilingual municipal residents and voters. Organisations, municipalities and others involved can use the materials to promote multilingual access to information and to support influencing opportunities. ETNO encourages individuals, organisations and municipalities to disseminate the materials so that multilingual municipal residents will play a role in the run-up to the elections and vote. 

The materials support the objectives set out in the National Democracy Programme 2025 to increase voter turnout in municipal elections among immigrants and multilingual municipal residents and to encourage them to stand for election. 

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