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Information for those who work as a teacher

Teachers face immigrants of different ages in their work. In the role of a teacher, you can support the development of readiness and competence as well as provide material in the person’s native language or plain language. 

Children and teacher in classroom

Integration training Integration training includes Finnish or Swedish language teaching, as well as teaching in reading and writing when needed or other training that promotes access to employment or further training.
Studying Finnish or Swedish The aim of integration training is for the student to learn basic skills of Finnish or Swedish.
Plain language Materials written in a clear and plain manner are a good tool at the early stages of language learning when the person’s Finnish skills are not sufficient for understanding communications by authorities.
Integration in Swedish The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration gives immigrants the right to choose Swedish or Finnish as their primary integration language.
Children, young people and families Integration work with children, young people and families involves a family orientation, support for the integration of children and young people, representation of minors, aftercare and uniting families.
Digital and online services There are many multilingual online and digital services for both immigrants and integration operators in Finland.

News for teachers and those working in educational institutions

Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has compiled information on the situation in Ukraine for those involved in integration work
4.3.2022 | News item
A new page has been created at online service, which contains information on the situation in Ukraine. The information is intended for those involved in integration work and professionals who encounter persons affected by the attack on Ukraine. 
Partnership platform – a workspace for integration and refugee reception experts to go online today!
2.12.2021 | News item
The Partnership platform is an interactive, digital and communal platform for operators, experts, stakeholders and networks involved in integration, immigration and reception of refugees. The platform will open as a beta version to users on Thursday 2 December 2021. Register for the platform and join the Partnership platform community!
Changes to email addresses at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment – new ‘’ suffix in use as of 20 September 2021
17.9.2021 | News item
All ministries will take the ‘’ suffix into use in the course of 2021. The email addresses of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment have changed to the format [email protected] on in September. The change also applies to the email addresses of the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration and the Integration partnership program.
A new website to serve those involved in integration
1.9.2021 | News item
The online service maintained by the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has been updated. The old website was disabled and the actual version of the website was released on Wednesday 1 September 2021. As a result, only website will be available to users. published as beta version
8.6.2021 | News item
The website maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has undergone a redesign. At the same time, the Finnish name of the website has changed to In connection with the redesign, the visual image of the centre of expertise was also revised. is to be published as a beta version.
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