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Publication date 1.9.2021 10.00 | Published in English on 7.9.2021 at 8.34
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The online service maintained by the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has been updated. The old kotouttaminen.fi website was disabled and the actual version of the kotoutuminen.fi website was released on Wednesday 1 September 2021. As a result, only kotoutuminen.fi website will be available to users.

The Centre’s online service has undergone changes over the past year. The new kotoutuminen.fi has a user-friendly structure and a fresh look and it contains a lot of new content. In addition, the partnership programme now has a graphic look of its own and websites within the service.

Not all sections are fully complete yet. We will update the missing content and language versions during the early autumn. New content will also be available later this year and next year.

Remember to update links to the new site

All links to the disabled kotouttaminen.fi website should be replaced with a link to the new kotoutuminen.fi website. Some websites redirect users to the new site, but replacing the links is still recommended.

Submit feedback on the website

We hope you like our new online service! If you notice any problems or shortcomings on the website, please submit feedback to us on the feedback form. 

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