A new joint application form for Kela card and child benefit available for those who have fled Ukraine

Publication date 22.2.2023 16.29 | Published in English on 27.2.2023 at 16.18
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The benefits granted by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) are available to those who have lived in Finland for one year. Many of the people who have fled Ukraine will therefore become eligible for benefits soon. Based on residence or a longer term employment, those who have fled Ukraine can apply for child benefit and housing allowance, among other things. Kela will ease the application process for benefits by introducing a joint application form for a Kela card and child benefit.

A beneficiary of temporary protection who has resided in Finland for one year is eligible to apply for Kela’s residence-based benefits. Such benefits are also available to those who have worked in Finland for a longer period of time. Benefits must always be applied for separately.

According to Kela, the primary need will be for Kela cards and child benefit. The new joint application form will make it easier to apply for both benefits simultaneously. The application form will be available in Ukrainian and Russian, and other forms will also be translated to these languages. 

Beneficiaries of temporary protection who have fled Ukraine can apply for a municipality of residence when they have lived in Finland for one year. Persons who have a municipality of residence can apply for child care allowance or social assistance, for example.

However, a municipality of residence does not automatically entitle a person to Kela’s benefits. Residence-based benefits do not require a municipality of residence. Benefits are also available to those who intend to return to Ukraine.

The forms can be accessed on Kela’s website at kela.fi/forms.

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