Do you need ideas or tools for your work or would you like to learn new practices? Partnership programme to launch competence events in autumn 

Publication date 21.6.2022 13.00 | Published in English on 29.6.2022 at 16.10
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The Partnership programme will launch competence events in the autumn. They are short events where those involved in integration can share concrete tools and practices about integration, the promotion of society’s receptiveness and the reception of refugees. Topics for competence events will be collected on a Webropol form until 31 August 2022.

Would you like to learn more about inclusive practices? Do you need help in including immigrants in workplaces or leisure activities? Would you like to have more information on multilingual communication, plain language or accessibility?

The practices presented at the Partnership programme’s competence events can relate to the promotion of diversity, communication, inclusion, language awareness or project management. Use the form to tell us about practices that you or your organisation would like to hear. You can also use the same form to suggest a practice or an idea to present to others. The form will be used in the planning of the events. 

The competence events are monthly remote meetings open to all across Finland. The first event will be organised in September. More detailed information about the dates and topics will be published later in the Partnership programme newsletter and at    

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