Information card provides integration services data in figures 

Publication date 31.10.2023 16.18
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For how many immigrants an integration plan was made last year? In which languages is basic information about Finland distributed to those arriving here? What are the average costs per customer per year of integration training organised as labour market training? 

Answers to these questions can be found on the information card on the website. The card has been produced by the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration. Integration is promoted through early-stage integration services, which are based on the Integration Act, among other things. The information card gives you an overview of the number of customers in the services and the key integration services offered by public operators. The information can be used by those involved in integration, as they are often asked about basic information on the coverage of integration services.  

The information card will be updated yearly. The information card published now contains figures for 2021 and 2022.

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