Integration 2020 registration and website launch

Publication date 1.10.2020 14.25
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Different regions and organisations have done a lot of valuable work to promote integration but it is not often that operators in the field get to meet each other. Because of this, they are not always able to share good practices for promoting integration in the most effective way possible. The Integration 2020 event will continue the work started during the first integration event in 2018 and strengthen partnerships between public authorities, the third sector and businesses.

The themes of the event are a receptive and inclusive society, action and participation, health and wellbeing, skills and work, an effective initial stage of integration and multi-sectoral cooperation. We will examine these themes creatively, through best practices, recent studies and partnerships, without forgetting vulnerable groups, the future, political decision-making and communications. The programme will be published bit by bit during October–November on the website

In 2020, the organisation of the event is coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, AMIF, STEA, the City of Helsinki and MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland. The event will be held entirely online.

The Integration 2020 event is intended for those working in the field of immigrant integration and refugee reception. Please register for the event by Monday 16 November 2020 via Webropol.

Are you interested in attending the event as an exhibitor?

Would your organisation like to share good practices in integration or refugee reception? Or would you like to tell potential partners about your work in promoting integration?

A small number of exhibitors will be selected from the applications received to showcase their work in the virtual exhibition space. They can, for example, show videos or PowerPoint presentations and direct visitors to their websites via the virtual exhibition space. We recommend a joint exhibition point for small operators, because the number of spaces is limited. 

Apply to be an exhibitor via Webropol no later than 23 October 2020.

More information and registration:

Integration 2020 invitation

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