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Publications and reports

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration commissions and carries out studies and reports on migration, integration and the reception of refugees.

  • Publications of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment includes the most recent publications on integration and immigration that are published in the Ministry’s publication series. 
  • Comprehensive review of integration is a broad review of the current state of integration and its various sub-sectors, which is published once during the government term.
  • Other publications of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment are compilations of research, policy briefs or surveys.
  • Other publications includes other publications on immigration, reception of refugees and promotion of integration mostly published by the administrative branch of the  Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment or other branches of central government. 

Search for publications in Valto

You can also search for publications at the Institutional Repository for the Government (Valto). Please contact the Centre of Excellence for Immigrant Integration at [email protected] or the Government’s online bookstore for any print publications.