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Multisectoral and multidisciplinary cooperation forms an important basis for integration work

The integration of immigrants so that they become active members of Finnish society requires cooperation between several sectors and operators. Multisectoral and multidisciplinary cooperation is therefore an essential part of integration work.

The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration also requires that the authorities develop multisectoral cooperation on promotion of integration. At local level, the municipality (in particular representatives of the administration and basic services), the TE Office, the wellbeing services county and the police as well as organisations, associations, communities and educational institutions organising integration services participate in this cooperation.

Municipalities alone or together with others may set up a local advisory board in cooperation with local labour market, business and civil society organisations. The advisory body’s task is to plan and develop the implementation of integration promotion and to promote ethnic relations.

The municipality, the wellbeing services county  and the TE Office are jointly responsible for organising and monitoring measures and services that promote and support integration, and directing people to such services. They may also draw up local or regional cooperation agreements on the organisation of measures and services in their area.