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Information about the coronavirus to those involved in immigrant integration

During the pandemic, the Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration published a multilingual summary of coronavirus communications produced by the public authorities, central government, municipalities and various organisations.

We also published other materials for use in the coronavirus situation (e.g. translation instructions, material for distance learning and teaching) to support those working with immigrants.

The multilingual summaries will no longer be updated (starting in spring 2023). However, the information will be archived at until further notice. 

We recommend you follow up-to-date communications and recommendations by the responsible authorities and the Government in exceptional situations.

Multilingual information on coronavirus now available
9.8.2021 | News item
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) provides updated information in Finnish, Swedish and English on the coronavirus and when to seek medical care. Information on actions taken in municipalities regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 is available in several languages in the municipalities’ online services. Information about the coronavirus is available in several languages in the media.
Municipalities provide multilingual information regarding services in the coronavirus situation
25.6.2021 | News item
In many municipalities, immigrants are advised to seek information from online services or telephone services. In the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak, municipalities offer also advice by telephone in various languages. Some municipalities have published multilingual information on the coronavirus.
Telephone helplines support immigrants during the coronavirus outbreak
23.4.2020 | News item
Authorities and municipalities have opened telephone helplines providing instructions and guidance on coronavirus in different languages. Multilingual telephone helplines provided by various organisations are also functioning as usual. We have put together a news item listing the availability of multilingual instructions and guidance on coronavirus (telephone helplines and chat services). Provide access to services.
Social media the most important source of information for elderly foreign-language speakers during emergency conditions
17.9.2020 | News item
According to a report by organisations, municipalities had very few and infrequent direct contacts with customers after the emergency conditions began. Despite this, the majority of those interviewed for the report felt that they had received sufficient information and instructions regarding the coronavirus. Elderly foreign-language speakers reported that they had coped independently in their everyday activities during the emergency conditions. The exceptional situation caused concerns and fears among those interviewed regarding the wellbeing of relatives and social isolation.
Support for women, children and families available in guides, brochures and service numbers
7.5.2020 | News item
Multilingual support in the coronavirus situation is available for women, children and families. Support is available for many situations such as distance learning, or being a victim of domestic violence or crime. Due to the coronavirus situation, support services for women, children and families are provided via remote service or telephone. We have put together useful links to be shared and suggested in customer service situations.
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