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Testipiste language assessment centre

Testipiste has been established to assess the language skills of adult immigrants. At Testipiste, the starting level of an immigrant’s Finnish skills is assessed, and a suitable Finnish-language course is recommended on this basis. Testipiste also arranges language proficiency assessment training for language teachers and offers final tests of Finnish language studies as part of integration training.

Testipiste uses a uniform operating model to assess language proficiency. The aim is to speed up the referral to suitable training and access to the labour market by preparing a training plan that meets the customer’s needs. 

Testipiste was launched with project funding from the ESF and the activities were put on a permanent basis on 1 January 2014.

Starting level assessment is intended for adult immigrants

Applications for starting level assessment of Finnish skills and for Finnish language courses are submitted to TE Offices. Tests take place in Testipiste facilities each week. Starting level assessment is intended for adult immigrants.

In addition to an interview, the participants must also take tests in which their language proficiency and study skills are assesses. The test is not an entrance exam and the participants do not need to possess Finnish skills when taking the test. Based on the assessment, Testipiste selects a suitable Finnish language course for the immigrant.

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