A new map shows all guidance and counselling services for immigrants

Publication date 22.12.2022 10.53
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The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has published an electronic map that shows the location of guidance and counselling services provided by municipalities to immigrants. The map contains contact information on all guidance and counselling service points throughout Finland. Compiling this information aims to increase interaction between different authorities promoting integration and guidance and counselling services, to provide information on the languages in which guidance and counselling services are available and to highlight the Finnish network of such services.

The map is available on the kotoutuminen.fi website. The map only shows the location of those guidance and counselling services that are organised by municipalities. The map does not contain information on other guidance and counselling services, but that may change later. 

The municipal guidance and counselling services respond to the needs of immigrants from different situations and language groups. Free guidance and counselling services provided under the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration aims to ensure that immigrants are aware of the measures and services promoting integration as well as issues related to working life. To guide and advise immigrants and to inform them of the services, flexible and evolving work forms and efficient cooperation between the authorities are also required.

Municipalities have different ways of organising guidance and counselling services. Some services may also be directed at a specific group, such as refugees. If the guidance and counselling services of the municipality you represent are not on the map yet, you can provide your contact details by using the form on the kotoutuminen.fi web service.

Guidance and counselling services of municipalities on the map 

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