Amendments to the Aliens Act to ease work-based immigration

Publication date 16.2.2023 15.14 | Published in English on 22.2.2023 at 16.44
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The amendments to the Aliens Act, which will streamline work-based immigration, will enter into force on 23 February 2023. The amendments will promote the application and decision-making process for work-based residence permits. The reform is part of a broader package that aims to reduce the average processing time of permits to a maximum of one month. The new provisions will increase the automation of the application process and introduce a certification for employers.

The Government’s objective is to increase work-based and education-based immigration in order to ensure the availability of skilled labour for the support of Finland’s growth and internationalisation.

Read more about the changes at the press release of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Ferbruary 16 2023: Legislation to ease work-based immigration enters into force

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Päätös: Eduskunnan vastaus hallituksen esitykseen eduskunnalle laiksi ulkomaalaislain muuttamisesta ja siihen liittyviksi laeiksi (HE 114/2022 vp; EV 278/2022 vp)  (only in Finnish)

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