Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment publishes multilingual information on possible power shortages

Publication date 17.11.2022 14.02
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Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has affected the energy situation in the entire EU. Energy consumption increases in the autumn and winter. The energy situation will be particularly challenging in Central Europe, but also in Finland. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has compiled information on how and why everyone should participate in saving energy, what will cause a possible power shortage and how to act in the event of one. Information on a possible power shortage has been published in several languages.

The coronavirus pandemic and the situation in Ukraine have increased the need for up-to-date, understandable and multilingual information during exceptional situations. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment wants to help Finland’s foreign-language speakers access information by publishing information in on exceptional situations in several languages.

The Ministry has published information on energy saving and possible power shortages in 9 different languages. In addition to Finnish, Swedish and English, the information is available in Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Ukrainian, Estonian and Russian.

The ‘Up-to-date information on possible power shortages’ web page provides information on saving energy and reducing peak consumption as well as the ‘Down a degree’ campaign. The ‘Down a degree’ campaign offers concrete tips on how to lower energy consumption.

Centre of Expertise compiles multilingual materials

The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration compiles multilingual materials and information on the exceptional situations on the website. The Centre of Expertise updates the materials regularly in cooperation with the ELY Centre of Uusimaa and other partners. In addition, the Centre promotes the availability of multilingual information in its other communications channels, such as social media.

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