Partnership programme supports those involved in integration, but immigrants’ participation opportunities must be improved

Publication date 4.9.2023 9.00 | Published in English on 11.9.2023 at 13.41
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Partnership barometer is a survey that collects information on the current state and development needs of work that promotes integration and receptiveness of society, as well as the activities of the Partnership programme. Based on the survey, which was conducted for the second time, the majority of respondents felt that the Partnership programme was useful for their work and considered the opportunities for cooperation promoting integration relatively good. One key development need highlighted in the barometer was the need for structural changes that would improve the inclusion and participation of immigrants in cooperation promoting integration.

A report on the results of the 2022 Partnership barometer was published on 4 September 2023. A total of 375 responses were received to the Partnership barometer during the response period (4 November 2022–24 February 2023). Most responses were received from municipalities and organisations and nearly one third came from Uusimaa. 

As the Integration Partnership Programme has already operated for several years, one aim of the barometer was to evaluate the Programme’s activities and impacts. The respondents considered new partners and contacts, cooperation between the third sector and the authorities, and exchange of information the most significant benefits of the programme. Training and other skills development, webinars and newsletters were regarded as the most useful activities both nationally and regionally. These were also the most common ways of participating in the Partnership programme. 

Partnership barometer is an important tool for developing programme activities

The views expressed by the barometer respondents help to develop the Partnership programme and the opportunities for cooperation at the regional and national level. Moving forward, the respondents hoped that the Partnership programme would focus on information sharing, communications and events. According to the respondents, the Programme should also provide diverse opportunities to take part in the programme in order to attract new participants. 

A “Toiminta tutuksi” event on the barometer’s results and a discussion will be held on 15 September at 9–10. Owal Group Oy’s Risto Karinen will present the barometer and tell more about the freeform answers to the survey in particular. 

The partnership barometer is part of the Integration Partnership Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. 

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