Study on municipalities’ integration programmes begins

Publication date 4.8.2021 14.30 | Published in English on 9.8.2021 at 16.00
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The Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has commissioned a study on municipalities’ integration programmes. The aim is to provide an overall picture of the content, drafting processes and the importance of the programmes at local and regional levels in the work promoting integration. The study will be carried out by the consulting and research company Innolink together with the Migration Institute.

No similar study on municipal integration programmes has been carried out before. The study will provide more information on the  municipalities’ work promoting integration, including its planning and monitoring. The results of the study will be used in the reform of the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration. Once TE services are transferred to municipalities, the importance of integration programmes as a guiding tool is likely to increase.

The study will cover, among other things, the parties involved in the preparation of the programmes as well as the links between the programmes, other strategic programmes of municipalities and counties and national integration policies. It will also examine how, for example, the receptiveness of society, good relations between population groups and the refugee reception are reflected in the content of the programmes. 

Content analysis and interviews will be used as research methods. The study will be completed by early 2022, at the latest.

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Laura Koskimies, Research Consultant, Innolink
[email protected] +358 50 520 7030

Antti Kaihovaara, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
[email protected] +358 295 047 125

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