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Information for those who work with refugees

The reasons behind becoming a refugee may be diverse, and people moving to a country as refugees may need different support depending on their situation. The person’s possible trauma and different level of competence should be taken into account in customer work. It is important to face the customer as a person and find out their need for support and guidance.

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Reception of refugees Assigning municipalities of residence and planning services are key activities of municipalities when receiving refugees.
State compensation for municipalities Municipalities can receive compensation for costs arising from the reception of refugees. Compensation covers interpretation services, special costs in social welfare and healthcare and imputed compensation.
Refugees and people under international protection This section contains information on the arrival of quota refugees and asylum seekers in Finland and reception to municipalities.
Children, young people and families Integration work with children, young people and families involves a family orientation, support for the integration of children and young people, representation of minors, aftercare and uniting families.
PALOMA training The PALOMA training provides practical information on the mental health and well-being of refugees for people meeting them at work and students.
Health and social services for refugees Health and social services directed specifically for refugees include health examinations and the provision of long-term social welfare and healthcare.

News for those working with refugees

Government proposes to allow family reunification of minors granted international protection without proof of sufficient financial resources
27.6.2022 | News item
The Government’s proposal to amend the Aliens Act would enable minors who have been granted international protection to live with their parents. When a family member of a minor who has been granted international protection applies for family reunification, the family member may be granted a residence permit without the minor sponsor having to provide proof of sufficient financial resources.
The European Union Agency for Asylum has launched a survey regarding displaced people arriving from Ukraine
13.5.2022 | News item
Tell us your story questionnaire aims to provide up-to-date information for policymakers. The results are intended to help offer better targeted services to Ukrainian migrants. 
EU Member States offer Ukrainians temporary protection
4.3.2022 | News item
For the first time ever, the European Union (EU) has activated the Temporary Protection Directive to help people fleeing from Ukraine. The decision is expected to enter into force on 4 March or in the following days. The Government will soon decide the category of people to be granted protection in Finland. Practical arrangements and additional instructions are also under preparation.
Centre of Expertise in Immigrant Integration has compiled information on the situation in Ukraine for those involved in integration work
4.3.2022 | News item
A new page has been created at online service, which contains information on the situation in Ukraine. The information is intended for those involved in integration work and professionals who encounter persons affected by the attack on Ukraine. 
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment part of a cross-sectoral group to coordinate migration from Ukraine
2.3.2022 | News item
The Ministry of the Interior has appointed a cross-sectoral group to coordinate migration to Finland following Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The group includes representatives from several ministries, the Finnish Immigration Service, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and the Finnish Red Cross. Any developments concerning migration are closely monitored.
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